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Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about audio and musical production.
Each with a range of skills that compliments the total talent pool that is NewSound Productions.


Mark Knox (Owner / Composer / Producer / Engineer)

It was the love of music that started it all.
From playing a Farfisa organ in a junior-high school rock band to composing and performing on many widely-released albums and projects, Mark's capability for music branched out into audio technology and production. So, a home-base studio was inevitable and in 1996, NewSound Productions was born in Philadelphia. Since then and after a big move to Toronto, it's been one successful project after another.
Find out more HERE.


Qianke (Victor) Wang (Engineer / Composer / Producer)

In his teens, Victor started teaching guitar and it just expanded from there. From composition to production and audio engineering, music has always been his passion.
Having recently graduated from University of Toronto, he continues to perform live gigs, teach guitar, produce tracks for upcoming artists and lucky for us, contributes to many projects here at NewSound.

Here is a recent interview with Victor (in Chinese)

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