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Music Production

Wherever you are in your music production stage, bring in your project - we'll expand on it - a bit of this, a bit of that - you won't believe your ears. Bring in your guitar and vocal tracks - we'll add keyboards, arrange and enhance the vocals, then edit and mix. You'll end up with a great-sounding song that rivals the best artists out there. Only have an idea for a song? We'll take it from there and provide you with an exceptional, meticulously produced finished song, ready for your vocals and instruments.
Check out our Music Production Packages below - or call for a quote.

Music Composition & Arrangement

Original music or original arrangement of existing music. From idea to finished master, we work with you to produce impeccable results. Vocalists, if you have lyrics, we can create AND produce the music. Film & video professionals, we create music for film, TV, radio or any situation requiring original music. With several films and TV productions to our credit, we know how to SCORE! Check our Original Music page.
Project specific - please call for an evalutaion & quote.

Jingle Creation

A jingle is incredibly effective. In fact, according to studies, brands are remembered for years thanks to the infectious effect of their jingles. Do you remember some from your childhood? Of course you do. A jingle is uniquely yours - your service - your product - your brand name.
We've written them for Budget Car & Truck Rental, Victor & Vinnie Italian Foods, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Zoo, Kia Motors America to name a few. Check our Commercials page and listen for yourself.
Project specific - please call for an evaluation & quote.

Blue Room Rental

Imagine having a State-of-the-Art desktop music production rig all to yourself. Bring in your Logic X, Cuebase, Pro Tools or .mid session and CREATE.
Availablility is limited and due to licensing ristrictions, some virtual instruments are not available.
Base price $40/hour - please call for details.

Music Production Packages

Theatre Companies / Performing Groups . . . .
We do that too - and here are some examples.
Need a great-sounding orchestral performance track?
Need your existing tracks to sound like a real pit orchestra?
Theatre tracks are project specific. Please call for an evaluation & quote.

Professional Musicians and Bands . . . .
Want to mix and master your project to perfection?
Want to know how to make your next musical release sound great?
Call us and we'll give you a FLAT RATE to do the project. No need to watch the clock . . . just create.

Singers, Songwriters / Composers . . . .
If you . . .
Have an idea for a great song,
Just have lyrics, but don't know what to do next,
Just have a simple recording of you singing your song,
Started recording at home, but can't get a good sound,
Recorded on a friend's computer, but now need better instruments, vocals or sound,
Or, recorded in a studio and aren't happy with the results,
. . . then, CONTACT US.

We will listen to what you have and tell you what we will do and how much it will cost.
One flat rate to COMPLETELY produce your song includes:

1. Compose, arrange and produce the music.
Give us your lyrics and we'll do the rest. If you have a particular style in mind, no problem. We can go totally original or do a "sound alike." Or, if you're "covering" a song, read on . . .

2. Arranging the song
Covering a popular song? Let us give you an arrangement that features your unique voice - in your key and in your tempo. If you are doing a demo to show off your vocal talents, this is a great way to do it.
Already have a "karaoke" track? We can add more to it, or leave it as is. Either way, your voice will be expertly recorded and mixed in a way that will impress anyone who listens.

3. Recording instruments and other singers
We will record you and other singers and players that you bring in - that is included. If you want us to provide other professional singers and players we can do that for an additional charge, depending on the artist. No matter who that is, we will let you know UP FRONT what it will cost before we move on. And the great thing is, we arrange all of this for you.

4. Mixing the song
This is where your song comes to life. We've mixed hundreds of world-class CDs. And check out our demos and know that your project will get the same polished, professional treatment.

5. Mastering
Just like we've done for these clients, we can give your project that final polish and put the music "in your face" with a professional sound that rivals today's sonic expectaions. And then . . .

6. Delivery
When you're happey with the final mix or mastering, we will provide a red-book master CD, or a DDP shell that can easily be delivered online to your CD manufacturer, or a master audio file that is ready for any of the web-based music sources like CD Baby or iTunes.

Want to do a 10-song CD? We'll give you an ever BETTER DEAL.

If your project is partially finished and you're happy with what you already have, we'll give you a very reasonable quote for the cost of finishing it. We can even set you up with the most cost-effective CD duplicator in North America through our Studio Partner program with Disc Makers - or keep it right here in the GTA and we'll hook you up with an excellent CD duplicator/manufacturer.

If you're starting from scratch, the average song takes several hours of studio time to complete. And since you're usually watching the clock in the studio, you always feel "rushed" - not a very creative environment. Now, take any studio's hourly rate and multiply it by those hours and you'll know why our flat rate is an incredible deal.

Example: 'Mega Studios' charges a mere $40 per hour. One song and 20 hours later, your bill is $800 !

When do you pay?
A deposit is required (usually half of the final amount) and balance due on completion.

We've helped many bands, instrumentalists, composers, song writers, vocalists and voice-over artists achieve their goals with our production packages.

We create a very relaxed atmosphere in our comfortable facility located in the upsurging Queen Street East area of Toronto - where King meets Queen.

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