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"On the Fast Track"
Gerald Veasley

When Gerald rounded up Chris Farr, Jeff Bradshaw and Matt Cappy to play the horn tracks for this Stevie Wonder classic, he came to NewSound. OK . . . maybe it's becaus Gerald and NewSound owner Mark Knox are practically family. But you've got to check out this CD. Fact is, a lot of parts for tracks from Gerald's 8 releases for Heads Up International Records, including his latest, "Your Move" were recorded at NewSound in Philadelphia.

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"Speak Low"
Lindsey Camara

This CD is a wonderful mix of jazz, Pop, Portuguese and South American standards. But, there's nothing "standard" about Lindsey's vocal style as you will hear in this cover of Sting's "Roxanne" - mixed here at NewSound.

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"Holiday Enchantment"
Philadelphia Boys Choir & Choral

The choir had a raw 40-track live recording of their Christmas 2001 concert. That's a lot of stuff to sort out, but thanks director Jeff Smith's vision and the experience and expertise at NewSound, a beautifully produced CD was the result.

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"Where There's a Will There's a Way"
Friendz Gospel Group

A solid rhythm track was the foundation for this rock-solid group's debut CD for TOC Records. Then came lead & background vocals, horns & strings and some special solo vocal performances. If you like hard-hitting gospel music, you should check these guys out.

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tanto mas

"Tanto Mais"
Jessica Vidal

Under the guidance of Minah Jardim and the impeccable music production of Nelson Camera, this Portuguese language pop album has garnered global critical acclaim. A wide-ranging collection . . . . mixed and mastered here at Newsound Productions.

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"Stranded on the Boulevard"

These guys were so great to work with . . . . a purely musical approach to everything and exceptional song-writing. This CD is what being in the studio is all about.

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