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"STALKER" - a scene from the film

A young woman moves into a new apartment. The building super seems a bit strange and he's following her around. She goes to the police, but they have a different take on the whole situation. Who's the real stalker here? The director requested a "string" score.
You can see the entire film HERE.

"DREAMBOX" - a scene from the film

Conceptually captivating, yet simple in idea, we follow a woman while she tries to find her lost dream. This short film is a composer's dream with minimal dialog and lots of beautiful cinematography.

"Rainbow Clinic" - a scene from the film

A dark dramatization of what "conversion therapy" could be like in mainland China. We follow Shan after he is 'checked in' to the 'clinic' by his mother. What follows is a heartwrenching story of Shan's 'therapy' and his mother's insistance that he sees it through. No happy endings here.

"LIES THE RADIO TOLD ME" - a scene from the film

This feature film tells the story of a photographer who after 10 years, is still obsessed with his high school fantasy-girl. He takes a trip back to his hometown in hopes of seeing her again. But when he does, he pays a price. What's the price? Don't want to give anything away . . . Written and directed by John Draus. My music for this film is mixed with some great old radio tunes including "Just My Imagination", "Reminiscing" and "This Masquerade."

"QUAD 9 - The Galactic Chronicles" - a scene from the film

"For most Sci-Fi films, the music is usually orchestral, lush and pretty-much through-out the whole movie. Quite a challenge for any composer. This one was "Babylon 5" meets "The X-Files." Great writing, elegant special effects . . . . and the music's not bad either.

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