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Arrangements for Performing Artists


"Speak Low"
Lindsey Camara

Sometimes a track just needs that "one more thing" to complete the musical idea. In this case, it was a cello part to interweave with Lindsey's quartet recording. So, Mark's arrangement of the cello was added. Check it out . . .

Listen to "Dindi" from the CD  (edit)

"Where There's a Will There's a Way"
Friendz Gospel Group

Another CD produced from start to finish at NewSound. Producer Larry Kerchner brought in Friendz to record and mix their debut CD for TOC Records. Mark did some of the string and horn arrangements and below is a sample of each.

Listen to "Where There's a Will" (edit)
Vocal solo by Juliet Williams

Listen to "Mount Zion" (edit)

"Where the Future Lies"
Ross M. Levy

Ross, a dynamic songwriter and performer, came in with tracks he had started in his home studio. With our MIDI rack and Soundelux U-195, the rest is history. His music definitly deserves a listen.

Listen to "Bayom" from the CD (edit)

"Spring Journey"
Nguyen Thanh Van

Van and Mark met way back in 1987 and since then, they have collaborated on 4 CD projects. Mark's arrangements of traditional Vietnamese folk songs are a colorful mix of the old and new. A cut from one of Van's projects (Evening Song) also ended up on Mark's original CD, PLACES.

Listen to "Spring Journey" from the CD (edit)

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