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Photo Album - a pictoral history

February , 1996

Construction starts for NewSound Productions' first studio facility in downtown Philadelphia.

October, 1996
NewSound Productions is fully operational serving audio and musical professionals in the tri-state area.


April, 1999
Yoshiko Matsui wrote and recorded the vocals for Hiroshima on NewSound owner Mark Knox's debut CD, Places. She has released a few of her own Jazz CDs in Japan.

May, 1999
The late Grover Washington, Jr. was on hand to play on Valdez In the Country for Gerald Veasley's 4th CD - Love Letters. Mark also engineered and played keyboards on the CD.


April, 2000

Saxophonist Chris Farr played on Van Nguyen's CD, Xuan Tui. NewSound owner Mark Knox arranged all the music tracks.

December, 2002

Alan Horseradish and Barbara Toothpick like to get comfy when they record. They did two of their CDs at NewSound.


February, 2003

Drummer Jim Miller tries out some new single-head drums for Mark Knox's CD, Places.

August, 2004

Drummer / composer Jim Miller works with bassist Tyrone Brown while tracking for Jim's debut CD, MillerTime.

April, 2005

NewSound moves to new digs in the Architect's Building at 17th & Chestnut in Centre City Philadelphia.

November, 2005

Doc Gibbs lays down some conga parts for NewSound owner Mark Knox's CD, Places. You may recognize him as the band leader on the Emeril Live Show.

March, 2007

NewSound is asked to handle the live recording of Papo Vazquez's performance at the Painted Bride in Philly. Turns out the resulting CD, Marooned/Aislado was nominated for a Grammy Award - Best Latin Jazz Album.

June, 2007

Jill Scott stopped by for a quick looping session for the Tyler Perry film, Why Did I Get Married? Engineer Jeff Chestek handled the session.

June, 2007

You've heard of three tenors? We had three sopranos do their thing for Jesse Padgett's CD, ReInvented. 9 singers were used to create a full cathedral choir. A sample is here.
September, 2007

So long Philly . . . NewSound owner Mark Knox decides to pack it up and move to Toronto. (If you want to know why, invite Mark for a beer and plan to spend a couple of hours) It was a crazy move.

March, 2008

After a long immigration process, an international move and lots of site surveys, NewSound Productions found a new home in the Corktown District of downtown Toronto. Now, all we had to do was build a new studio in this empty space . . .
September, 2009

. . . and a little over year later, this was the result. After an international road trip, several months in storage and final installation, NewSound Productions is back online serving the greater Toronto area audio-musical professionals.

April, 2008

In the meantime, some location work fills in the gaps - like audio support for Blue Jays broadcasts. Here, a view from the broadcast booth at the Rogers Centre.
February, 2009

NewSound owner Mark Knox mixed a show featuring concert Theremin virtuoso Dorit Chrysler for the 9th Wavelength Music Series.

May, 2009

Toronto singer/songwriter Cynthia Amoah lends her great R&B vocal style on a tune composed by Mark Knox.
July, 2010

Bassist Gerald Veasley and drummer Richard Waller III stopped by NewSound on the way to Gerald's Bass Boot Camp in Aurora, Ontario. Part of the Aurora Jazz Festival.

April, 2011

NewSound provides audio support for the French broadcast of Ontario's first UFC event at a sold out Rogers Centre.
March, 2012

The NDP Convention, 2012. NewSound was there to provide the Press Pool audio for Tri-Lite TV Productions.
January, 2013
NewSound composer Mark Knox starts selling production music worlwide on AudioSparx.
November, 2014
Sideline camera at an Argos game.
NewSound is working on lots of sports broadcasts.

October, 2015
Mark with Bob Costas in the broadcast booth during a Blue Jays & Rangers playoff at Rogers Centre.

October, 2016
It's not often you have a whole hockey arena to yourself.



May, 2017
The NewSound Cats started out as a small collection and have grown in numbers through the years. They guard the patch bay.



August, 2018
Victor Wang joins the NewSound team - not only as a talented audio tech and musician, but also as a business partner.

August, 2019
A second room dubbed "The Blue Room" is designed and built exclusivly for music composition. A powerful MAC Pro loaded with the latest state-of-the-art virtual instruments.


September, 2020
Finally, we add a Neumann U87 to our arsenal of microphones. The most important link in the audio chain, this mic is considered THE global standard.

MORE to COME . . .

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