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Composing / Editing Room (Blue Room)

Designed and optimized for music composition. This is "desktop composing" at it's best.








  MAC PRO 5.1 / 4 Core Intel Xeon / 32 GB RAM
  Digidesign 003 Rack Plus Interface
  (2) ViewSonics 24" LED HD monitors

SOFTWARE (OS 10.13.6)
  Logic Pro X 10.4.6
  Cubase Artist 10
  Chicken Systems Translator 6


  Waves Gold Bundle +
  iZotope Music Production Suite 3  
  Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio
. . . and many more 3rd-party audio plugs

Yamaha HS7
  Sennheiser HD600 phones

  Nektar LX88+ 88-key MIDI keyboard
  Roland JV-1080
      w/ Orchestral & World Exp. cards
  Roland R8M
      w/ Dry & Brush cards
  Alesis D4

  Tie lines to the Orange Room & Booth 
  Retrospect 9 backup
  QuickTime Pro



  East-West -
      Composer Cloud
      Symphonic Orchestra Platinum
      Symphonic Choirs Gold
      Strat 56
  Spitfire Audio
      BBC Orchestra Pro
      Solo Cello 
  Kirk Hunter
      Concert Strings 3
      Spotlight Strings 4D
  Chris Hein Horns
  Kick-Ass-Brass 2
  United Strings of Europe
  Embertone Friedlander Violin
  LSS Solo Strings Bundle
  Native Instruments Kontakt v.6
  Trillian Total Bass Module
  Heaviocity Damage 2
  Addictive Keys / Drums / Percussion
  Mojo Horns 2
  Garritan -
      Abby Road CFX Concert Grand Piano
      Personal Orchestra
      World Instruments
      Jazz & Big Band
  Realivox Whistler, Ladies & Blue
  Scarbee Funk Guitarist
  Bolder Sounds Bluegrass Banjo 3
  Shreddage 2 Absolute Electric Guitar
  Velvet Fender Rhodes Emulator
  Many more Akai, Kontakt & Logic instruments

  CAT-5 & WiFi Internet

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