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Audio Record - Mix - Master - Post (Orange Room)

Designed and perpetually updated as an audio recording and production room. Everything from the mics to plug-ins offers the best in sonic clarity and audio/ musical warmth.

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  SM Pro Audio M Patch4 monitor-talkback
  Fredenstein Bento 6S with:
    •Vintech VA573 mic preamp
    •Midas 512 Parametric EQ
    •FMR RNC 500 compressor
  Symetrix 628 Digital Voice Processor
  Tascam DA 60 mkII DAT deck
  Tascam DA78 multitrack recorder
  Tascam CD-A500 CD / cassette combo
  Genelec 8040B 2-way bi-amped monitors
  EVENT 2020bas 2-way bi-amped monitors
  EVENT S250 15" subwoofer
  ADAM A3X powered 2-way monitors
  Zoom H4n portable digital audio recorder
  Ultimate Ears Pro 5 in-ear monitors
  Audio Accessories patch bays

  iMAC 27" - 5K - 16GB RAM - 3.1 gHz
  Universal Audio Apollo Duo FireWire/Thunderbolt Interface
  Seagate Thunderbolt & USB 3 drives
  LG 24" LED HD auxillary monitor

 Native Instruments S61 MIDI keyboard
 Roland JV1080, U220, D110
  Alesis D4
  Emagic Unitor 8

  ProTools 2019.10
  Logic Pro X 10.4.8
  Cubase 10
  Adobe Creative Cloud
  Hofa CD Burn & DDP
  Roxio Toast Titanium
  Retrospect backup
  QuickTime Pro
  Waves Gold Bundle +
  UA plugins including:
    • Neve 88RS Unison
    • Lexicon 480L Reverb
    • SPL Transient Designer
  iZotope Music Production Suite 3 
  FabFilter Bundle
  Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio
  Chicken Systems Translator 6
. . . and many more 3rd-party audio plugs

  1974 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano

  CAT-5 & WiFi Internet

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