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Audio Record - Mix - Master - Post (Orange Room)

Designed and frequently updated as an audio recording and production room.
Every aspect of the audio chain from mic to final mix has been researched and optimized for the best in audio quality.

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  MANLEY CORE Channel Strip
  SSL Fusion master processor
  HEDD Type 20 MK2 3-way time-aligned monitors 
  EVENT S250 15" subwoofer
  FREDENSTEIN Bento 6S with:
    • VINTECH VA573 mic preamp
    • API 550B EQ
    • FMR RNC 500 compressor
  SM Pro Audio M Patch4 monitor-talkback   TASCAM DA 60 mkII DAT deck
  TASCAM DA78 multitrack recorder
  TASCAM CD-A500 CD / cassette combo
  ZOOM H4n portable digital audio recorder
  ULTIMATE EARS 900s in-ear monitors

  iMAC 27" - 5K - 32GB RAM - 3.1 gHz
  UNIVERSAL AUDIO Apollo Duo FireWire/Thunderbolt Interface
  SEAGATE Thunderbolt & USB 3 drives
  LG 24" LED HD auxillary monitor

 NEKTAR LX61+ MIDI keyboard



  ProTools 2023.3
  Logic Pro X 10.7.4
  Cubase 12
  Hofa CD Burn & DDP
  Zoom Basic w/iRig phone tap
  Time Machine backup
  MS Office 2022
  Waves Platinum Bundle +
  UA plugins including:
    • Neve 88RS Unison
    • Lexicon 480L Reverb
    • Manley Massive Passive EQ
    • SSL G-Series Compressor
    • RX9
    • Ozone 7
    • Vocal Synth & Doubler  
  FabFilter Bundle
  TC Electronics MD4 HD
  Cradle God Particle 
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio
. . . and many more 3rd-party audio plugs

ART PS8-ll power conditioner/sequencer
1974 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano

  CAT-5 & WiFi Internet

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